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We’ve compiled learnings, resources, and stories from founders that have taken the leap to build something great.

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Wanting to dive into building your very own startup?

We've written guides for you on how to tackle everything from fundraising to branding your business.

Founder stories

Listen to founders that have made the leap of faith and started building.

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Should I go all-in?

Unsure if you should take the leap of faith?

Read our 10 questions to ask yourself to help build conviction in going all-in.

Startup Guides

In this series, we create guides that address some common founder questions.

Thinking of taking the plunge?

The most important early stage investor to win over is yourself.

There’s no magic formula to determine if you should, but there are some things to think through, sequentially and rationally, before diving in.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before taking that leap of faith.

10 questions to ask to build conviction in your idea

Why are you doing this?
Are you solving a real problem?
Is this a problem you will obsess over for a long, long time?
Have you built / are building / can you build something people will love?
Are signs of momentum emerging?
Can you move quickly, swiftly and make a little go a long way?
What is the size of the opportunity?
What resources do I need to build this properly?
Do you have support systems in place?
Can you rally people around your vision?

From After Work to Life’s Work

Hear from our founders first hand how they build the conviction to go all in on their idea.

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